The Night Owls Take Flight

In the course of just two weeks, NEIA's innovators played the first ever volleyball match and competed in the first ever cross country meet in our school's history.

Cross Country

It’s been a big couple of weeks for NEIA athletics.

At Hillside School, 11 NEIA Innovators—Eddie, Chloe, Kevin, Jeremie, Emmett, Casey, Finn, Connor, Wilbur, Violet, Nox, and Charolette T.—started something. For the first time, NEIA participated in a Cross Country meet. Led by Coach Ana K., these groundbreaking innovators represented our school in their pink and black uniforms and performed phenomenally. A big shout-out to Eddie, who placed third at the meet with a time of 13:28.26!

Coach Ana K. said, “I think that it is quite brave of them to be running in meets in front of/with people they don’t know! This is fairly new for NEIA, and they have handled the uncertainty of it really well. They were in good spirits through all the nervous jitters and growing pains!”



Just like with our runners, we’re incredibly proud of our volleyball players!

On Wednesday, October 4, the NEIA Night Owls took on Fay School. With our staff and students there to cheer them on, the team showed the character and drive that is in all of our innovators. They encouraged one another after dropped points and celebrated their good volleys as a team. One of the most exciting was when Charlotte went on a streak of amazing serves.

Tim McCauley, over on the sidelines, was beaming through all of the sets. “Having volleyball on campus has been wonderful. Through sport, we are learning new ways to trust and rely on each other. As a team, we support each other through success and struggle to persevere and grow. It is so much more than just getting a ball over a net.”


NEIA Athletics

But this, this moment, goes so far beyond wins and losses! As Gary Dunn said in the morning meeting on Thursday, our school continues to be a place for people who want to make a difference. A place for students who don’t want to just join a team, but want to help create it. A year ago, running was an exploration, now we have a Cross Country and Track and Field program. Our students wanted a volleyball team, and they made it happen. This was only possible because of their passion, their drive, and their commitment.

Thank you to Hillside and Fay for hosting our teams and being such great competitors.


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Tomorrow, the halls will not feel the same without these 15 innovators. It is not goodbye, but instead, see you later.

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Congratulations to Lee, New York University is lucky to have you!

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Congratulations to Aaron, Claremont McKenna College is lucky to have you!

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