Our Mission

Prepare the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and shape a better world. Students discover their passion and purpose, innovate with impact, and prepare for what comes next.


Our Logo Represents
Your PIN



Your PIN is not only a personal identifier. It is the stake you put in the ground. A starting point for discovering who you are — and learning how you will make a difference.


  • Passion and Purpose
    Passion is understanding yourself and realizing your true potential. Purpose begins with belonging and calls us to create greater good.
  • Innovate with Impact
    Discover needs with empathy. Solve problems creatively and resourcefully beyond conventional means.
  • Prepare for what comes Next
    NEIA incubates future innovators who will be the change they want to see in the rapidly evolving world using next generation technologies and methods.

Our Pillars

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We recognize entrepreneurship as a mindset and means of sharing our ideas with the world. Innovation enables us to create functional and emotional value. We learn to take risks, work through failure, and experience success. Together, these concepts help us make meaningful contributions that benefit society and the earth. 

Human-Centered Design

We employ human-centered design as a process to learn empathy and compassion. It serves as a foundation for thoughtful leadership and a way to break down biases and stereotypes. We learn to be good citizens who listen to those around us. 

Integrated and Experiential

We seek an experience that is both integrated and experiential. We make connections across disciplines and subjects to build an intuitive and deep understanding of learning outcomes. Our innovators apply their learning to hands-on projects that offer real-world experience. 

Belonging and Togetherness

We strive to create a sense of belonging wherever we are. We want those in our community to feel accepted, valued, and heard. We actively appreciate one another and seek to understand how we are different and how we are the same. 

Entrepreneurship is a process of trial and error. How do you creatively solve a problem in a way that’s economical and technologically feasible?
Raymond Chang, Co-founder & Trustee


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