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Innovation Studio

Students will work with their hands to build projects. They will use their minds to identify the problem they are trying to solve. Students will use their hearts as they step into the shoes of others with empathy.


Guiding Principles:

  • HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN. We use the human-centered design process to explore and develop habits of work, mind, and heart.
  • REAL-WORLD INCLUSION. Authentic, relevant learning experiences that encourage Innovators to apply their knowledge. We will make connections to real-world experiences where students will be able to bring projects to market.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET. Anticipating needs and bringing new ideas to market. Innovators develop the skills of an entrepreneurial mindset, including passion and perseverance, bringing ideas to life that will have a positive impact on the world.

Learn by doing

Innovation Studio’s project assignments encourage experimentation and collaboration. Students have an inherent curiosity, intellect, and desire to learn, so NEIA provides them with the space, the tools, the coaching, and the skills to allow them to go as far as their passion and ingenuity will take them. 


Innovation Studio 7

Teaches students the essential drivers of design and enables them to apply critical and creative thinking skills to real-world problems. 

Innovation Studio 8

Focuses on tackling real-world problems with a social impact. 


Innovation Studio 9

Builds upon students’ previous projects and challenges them to consider community challenges. Students learn effective strategies to solve real-world issues. 

Innovation Studio 10

Innovators will work to create real-world projects that directly impact the NEIA environment.

Innovation Studio 11

A year-long passion project where students choose a project and create a multidisciplinary portfolio.

Innovation Studio 12

Students collaborate to create a Capstone Project, a culmination and showcase of all the skills and knowledge they’ve gained at NEIA. 

Scope & Sequence

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Innovation Studio 7
Innovation Studio 8
Innovation Studio 9
Innovation Studio 10
Innovation Studio 11
Innovation Studio 12

Maker Mindsets I

Maker Mindsets II


Iterative Design

Creative Confidence

Empathy + User Research

2D + 3D Design I

2D + 3D Design II

Engineering Mechanisms

Direct 3D Modeling

Parametric 3D Modeling

2D + 3D Renderings

Interviewing + Insights

Problem Identification


Industrial Drawing

Mechanical Simulations

Brand Storytelling

Innovation in Context

Systems Analysis

Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving

Designing with Purpose

Ethics + Innovation

HCD in Community

Teamwork + Collaboration

Professional Communication

Team Adaptability

Presentation Skills

Project Management

Team Health

"Innovation studio is an environment where you can bring your ideas to life. With over a hundred machines and processes available to students, nothing is impossible."
Nick Tamas, Innovation Studio Teacher


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