Integrated & Experiential

How NEIA integrates our physical, emotional, and cognitive selves to best thrive and function.


A New Way of Thinking About Education

  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Zero Boredom

Tradition tells us that we need to separate each branch of a subject into its own class. History and English are taught completely independently of one another. Science is divided into years: Chemistry and Anatomy and Biology, all separated. But what if that’s actually counterintuitive? Why should students take Algebra 1, move on to Geometry, and come back to Algebra 2 just to realize they’ve forgotten everything they learned? At NEIA, we have found a better way. No more siloing subjects. Our Humanities curriculum brings together History, English, and Geography. Rather than separating each math subject into its own year (Geometry, Algebra, and Precalculus), our integrated math sequence takes a holistic approach to mathematical reasoning, interweaving all those important subjects together. 

We don’t stop there. Let’s take that idea to the next level: integration across all subjects. In the real world, rarely are you just using math, or just using science, or just using art. This founding philosophy, where subjects are integrated rather than isolated, improves retention and deepens learning. In practice, these collaborations between curriculums can take form in a variety of really exciting ways. A Languages project might team up with the Visual Arts department to make a magazine, pairing design with the written word. Innovation Studio can bring scientific theory to life in our cutting-edge maker spaces. Humanities crosses over with Math, Well-being works its way into everything that we do. All areas intentionally integrate at various entry points, increasing the relevance and authenticity of learning.

"Our curriculum allows for collaboration among each subject so that our students can make real world connections and further understand every concept taught."


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