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Committed to promoting responsible entrepreneurship.


Guiding Principles:

  • CREATIVITY. Encouraging the development of unique ideas, products, and services to address existing and emerging needs.
  • RESOURCEFULNESS. Fostering the skills to effectively utilize available resources and adapt to changing circumstances in a dynamic business environment.
  • RISK-TAKING AND RESILIENCE. Promoting calculated risk-taking and developing the resilience to overcome setbacks and learn from failures.
  • COLLABORATION. Fostering teamwork and networking to leverage the knowledge, skills, and resources of diverse stakeholders.
  • PERSUASION. Enhancing communication and persuasion skills to effectively articulate ideas, engage stakeholders, and secure resources for entrepreneurial ventures.

Start businesses, make change

Announcing a new, expanding program at NEIA! This new dimension of our curriculum is a vital addition and it will continue to evolve and grow.

Entrepreneurial Mindset 

This is a semester-long, one-day-a-week course for both middle school and upper school students. Utilizing Babson’s ET&A (Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®) methodology, the course combines a variety of engaging tools, such as games, roleplays, and intellectually stimulating activities, to cultivate students’ entrepreneurial attitudes. Committed to promoting responsible entrepreneurship, the program integrates lessons on social impact, encouraging students to envision business endeavors that can contribute positively to the world. Students have the unique opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs, gaining invaluable insights from their experiences. The course underscores that entrepreneurship extends beyond starting a business; it’s about innovating, embracing failure as a learning tool, seeking new opportunities, and nurturing a passion for one’s work. 

Entrepreneurship 1 (Elective for Upper School student only) 

This optional course provides students with a unique opportunity to learn how to start and grow a business throughout the semester. The course emphasizes practical skills and hands-on experience essential for entrepreneurship, encouraging students to actively pursue them during their academic journey and beyond. By infusing the curriculum with experimentation, the course fosters an engaging and dynamic learning environment. 

"Students need to start early so they can fail many times and still succeed. Entrepreneurship is like swimming, you can't learn it without getting into the water.”
Baldev Singh Rawat, Entrepreneurship Teacher


Whether you're seeking more information about our grade 7-12 academy program, summer programs, or have any questions at all, this is the right place to start. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.