Integrating our physical, emotional, and cognitive selves to best thrive and function.


Guiding Principles:

  • BELONGING. Students learn best when they feel a sense of belonging and are emotionally safe.
  • LIFE DESIGN. Developing a combination of social-emotional learning skills and practical life skills to prepare students academically, socially, and for life after NEIA.
  • DISCUSSION-BASED. Classes are based on student discourse and unassessed, allowing students to find a space to be vulnerable and honest.

Fostering healthy individuals

Develop the skill sets students have to recognize, understand, express, and integrate their emotional, educational, and physical needs while gaining the practical knowledge to live lives of purpose and stability.


Well-being 7

Students will acquire essential life skills, preparing them for success in and beyond the classroom. The curriculum encompasses executive functioning, healthy habits, and financial literacy basics.

Well-being 8

Emphasizes social-emotional skills, encompassing social and relationship skills and development, while also gaining an awareness of drug and alcohol education and sexual health.


Well-being 9

Centers on mental health, covering topics such as symptoms, diagnosis, interventions, and treatment. Students will also learn stress management and how to advocate for themselves and their peers in addressing mental health needs.

Well-being 10

Students will delve into a comprehensive study of drug/alcohol education and sexual health, with a primary focus on fostering healthy decision-making and minimizing harm. Additionally, the curriculum includes crucial discussions on suicide awareness and prevention.

Well-being 11

This course will empower students with essential life skills, including college preparation,  through workshops on crafting compelling college essays, writing resumes, researching colleges, and building their personal brand.

Well-being 12

This course will center on post-high school competencies, equipping students with vital skills, including interview preparation, resume enhancement, building digital portfolios, mastering LinkedIn profiles, and fostering financial literacy for a successful transition for what’s next.

"Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is one of the best forms of self-preservation and self-respect."
Ali Emmerson, Director of Learning Support


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