Where today’s students
become tomorrow’s innovators

New England Innovation Academy is a day and boarding school for grades 7-12
students to develop their passion and prepare for their best future.

Our Promise

We work with each student to co-create
their unique PIN
Passion-driven Purpose
Innovate with Impact
Prepare for what comes Next.


We practice what we teach

The experience your student will have is rooted in their individual needs. Guided by faculty, students immerse themselves in science, entrepreneurship, math, language, humanities, arts, and well-being. This unique educational approach—taught through a human-centered design lens—gives students space to empathize and explore.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Each student at NEIA learns how to use the design process on team projects ranging from consumer and medical products to solutions for societal issues. Our goal is to help learners realize their passion and teach real-world problem-solving skills that prepare them for wherever they want to go next.

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Tired of cookie-cutter education? So are we.

That’s why NEIA escapes the frustrations of traditional educational models by focusing on the needs of the student. No more rote memorization. No more boredom. No more hiding in the back of the classroom. The School of the Future embraces passion and then helps students alchemize that passion into purpose. Our students will be equipped to step into a complex, rapidly changing, globally connected world where the pressing issues of tomorrow will not be solved with the conventional thinking of today.

Your student's future starts here.

7th-8th Grade Learner

It is never too early to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Get a head start and learn more about our innovative experience.

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9th-12th Grade Learner

Identify your passion, find your purpose, and bring your ideas to life. Take a journey of self-discovery and learn what it means to be prepared for what’s next.

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Summer Programs

Join future innovators and entrepreneurs in this dynamic hands-on experience, and learn first-hand what it means to be a NEIA Innovator.

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The people at NEIA that my daughter interacts with daily are pretty amazing. They have such great backgrounds and expertise. I always feel great dropping her off or having her in class, knowing the kind of experience she is gaining."
My son enjoys it. He enjoys being at NEIA and becoming a critical thinker in learning... I see he’s happy, learning, and challenged while also not stressed."
I have realized how healthy, happy, and balanced my kids are at NEIA. My youngest has learned to advocate for herself more than she did in her last school, and they feel heard, validated, and supported."

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    We encourage strong connections and open communication between parents, students, and staff. We do everything we can to make sure the whole family feels at home at NEIA.

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Watch the film to hear more from our parents about their experience at NEIA. Thanks for visiting!

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Yesterday, our mini inventors went to the Boston Museum of Science to see real life inventions and creations. They dove into design processes to ultimately guide them in their creation of a product which they will be presenting tomorrow!

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This week our mini inventors will be focusing on coding and prototyping. Yesterday, students prototyped a lamp, and today, they did the same with a sound machine. Students then used human-centered design to understand how to improve the product for the user by interviewing classmates and staff. Friday, students will present to their classmates, staff, and families their chosen projects starting from their beginning sketches to their prototype to the final product.

#NEIA #NEIANEXT #Innovation #Inspiration #Invention #Creation #Workshop #Summer2024


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