Global Online Academy

Empowering students to choose their own direction with a diverse catalog of online courses.


Guiding Principles:

  • GLOBALLY CONNECTED. Although the courses take place online, GOA utilizes technology to build improbable and important relationships. Small classes, guided by expert teachers, filled with students from across the world, encourage engaging discussions and collaborative projects.
  • CHALLENGING. GOA courses match the intellectual rigor of traditional school courses. They follow an asynchronous approach, providing students with the flexibility to work at their own speed while developing essential independent learning skills.
  • RELEVANT. GOA empowers students to pursue their passions by offering hands-on experience and autonomy in selecting coursework and exploring ideas that resonate with their interests.

Choose your own path

Global Online Academy (GOA) is an innovative and intellectually stimulating online learning platform for students seeking a transformative educational experience. GOA supplements NEIA’s core curriculum and gives students the opportunities they need to explore the topics they are passionate about.

GOA Pathway Certifications

Additionally, GOA offers Pathway Certifications, where students can showcase their expertise and dedication in a particular field of study. By completing three or more courses within one of GOA’s eight pathways, students earn a Pathway Certification, which is highlighted on their GOA transcript. These pathways cover a diverse range of subjects such as:

Art, Media & Design
Business, Economics & Finance
Computer Science & Engineering
Global Studies
Health Sciences
Justice, Ethics & Human Rights
Mathematics & Quantitative Reasoning
Psychology & Neuroscience

Students who take courses across multiple pathways will earn a Global Learning Certification, recognizing their commitment to diverse learning experiences.

"Global Online Academy is the perfect way for students to pursue their personal and academic passions through this online platform that will complement their NEIA experiences."
J. Camp, Head of Teaching and Camping; Humanities Teacher



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