Human-Centered Design

How NEIA teaches thoughtful design to prepare future leaders and make the world a better place.


Responsible Innovation Starts Here

Human-centered design—emphasizing empathy, interdisciplinary teamwork, and a structured innovation process—is a cornerstone of the NEIA approach. It ensures that our students will be equipped to step into a complex, rapidly changing, globally connected world where the pressing issues of tomorrow will not be solved with the conventional thinking of today.

As the school the world needs next, NEIA escapes the stubborn inertia of old educational models. We incorporate human-centered design into the curriculum so the approach becomes part of a student’s reflexive response to solving problems.

“Our approach fosters a nurturing environment that empowers both students and teachers, igniting a passion for learning and driving academic success,” John Turner, IS and Visual Arts teacher, says. “Join us on this journey, and you’ll witness the tangible impact of putting human needs at the core of your school’s design.”

"Human-centered design is a problem-solving technique that puts our students at the center of process development, allowing them to understand a need and create a solution."
Greg Mertz, Innovation Lead; Hive Director and Technology Specialist


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