Experience engaging, authentic opportunities to confidently communicate and express oneself in a new language, and cultivate global citizenship through a deep appreciation for world cultures.


Guiding Principles:

  • COMMUNICATION. Developing strong communication skills in the target language, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • AUTHENTICITY. Using literature, films, and music in the target language to improve proficiency, enhance vocabulary, and foster cultural understanding.
  • IMMERSION. Engaging in activities, discussions, and real-life experiences to gain an understanding of customs, values, and traditions, fostering appreciation and respect for different cultures and enhancing overall proficiency.

Building cultural dexterity

Our immersive language program creates a high-energy and conversational environment where students spontaneously use language to express their creative thoughts and develop an appreciation for similarities and differences. Placement in language classes is determined by proficiency rather than grade level (after Grade 7).


MS Spanish 1 or Mandarin 1

Introduces students to both languages, focusing on basics, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

MS Spanish 2 or Mandarin 2

Develops conversational skills through grammar, vocabulary, and cultural exploration.

MS Spanish 3 or Mandarin 3

Deepens language proficiency through speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, covering advanced grammar and cultural understanding.


Spanish 1 or Mandarin 1

Covers basic grammar, aural-oral skills, reading, and writing, with a focus on culture and history.

Spanish 2 or Mandarin 2

Enhances aural-oral skills, reading, and writing abilities, studying past tenses, the present subjunctive, and culture. 

Spanish 3 or Mandarin 3

Builds on oral expression, writing, and grammatical knowledge, exploring contemporary issues and cultural studies.

Spanish 4 or Mandarin 4

Improves all language skills through reading, aural comprehension, and oral proficiency, using video, music, literature, and journalism.

Mandarin Scope & Sequence

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Mandarin 1
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Greetings & Classroom Expressions

About Me

Nice to Meet You

Greetings & Classroom Expressions

Mid-Autumn Festival Customs & Traditions

Mid-Autumn Festival Myths

Idiom Stories

Numbers & Dates


My Day

Family & Pets, Jobs

My Day & Weather Reports

At Home

Myths and Legends

Family & Pets


At Home

Nationality & Languages


At School

Chinese Classics: Di Zi Gui

Chinese Zodiac & Nationalities

Chinese New Year Myths

Chinese New Year

Chinese Zodiac & Hobbies

Chinese New Year Origin Myths

Lunar New Year Customs & Traditions

Chinese New Year Blessings & Current Events

Hobbies & Appearance

Food & Drink

Hanging Out With Friends

Appearance, Food & Drink

Hanging Out With Friends

Going Out

Business Chinese

Food & Drink

Colors & Weather

Going Out

Colors & Weather

Going Out


Passion Projects

Spanish Scope & Sequence

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Spanish 1
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Spanish 3
Spanish 4

Interpersonal Conversations

Interpersonal Conversations

Interpersonal Conversations

Interpersonal Conversations

Interpersonal Conversations

Interpersonal Conversations

Interpersonal Conversations

Basic nouns & articles

Nouns w/adjectives

Category Vocabulary

Basic nouns with articles & adjectives

Category Vocabulary Prepositions

Cognados and false cogandos

Prefixes and Suffixes

Regular Verbs Present Tense

Regular Verbs Past

Regular Verbs Future

Regular Verbs Present, Past

Regular and Irregular verbs Present, Past

Regular and Irregular Verbs Past and Imperfect

Regular and Irregular Verbs Subjunctive Tense

Simple Phrases

Complete Sentences

Complete Sentences in multiple tenses

Complete sentences

Complete sentences in multiple tenses

Write a complete paragraph

Write a text about a topic

Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic Expressions



Symbols and Celebrations

Spanish Speaking Countries

Hispanic Country Research

Current Events Reports

Hispanic Authors Book Excerpts

Small Group/Partner Presentations

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations Questions

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations

Topic Oral Presentations Questions

Topic Presentation & Discussion

"Learning a new language allows you to open your mind and create a new lens from which you can see the world."
Maria Camacho, Spanish Teacher


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