Our Approach

Unlocking our students full potential.


Transforming classrooms, breaking down educational barriers, and obliterating boredom. New England Innovation Academy is the school of the future: adding fun back into the equation and removing the stress that comes with typical teaching structures. We unlock students’ potential so that they can learn, lead, and live happily. 

Our Mission

Prepare the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and shape a better world. Learn more about our school's mission and pillars.

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Our Team

Meet our incredible teachers and staff, the people who bring NEIA's mission and pillars to life.

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An Integrated School

No more right brain versus left brain. By finding the intersections between subjects, NEIA is making connections and deepening learning.

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Responsible Innovation

Using the human-centered design process, NEIA teaches students to embrace humanity and solve real-world problems.

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Passion & Purpose

Students should be allowed to pursue interests outside the core curriculum. At NEIA, we have designed our school to support students in cultivating passion.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Every student at NEIA leaves with the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur.

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A school should be a place where everyone belongs. From our staff to our students, our diversity
and a dedication to inclusion come together to create a really special community.

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Your student is so much more than a letter grade. To better pinpoint what areas
students need to practice, we utilize a competency-based curriculum.

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Prepare for What's Next

Start a business, go to college, or make your own path. We will work with your student
to chart the best course for their specific journey.

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Whether you're seeking more information about our grade 7-12 academy program, summer programs, or have any questions at all, this is the right place to start. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.