Student Support

How we help our student succeed, both in and out of the classroom.


Learning Support

NEIA takes a holistic approach to Learning Support. We strive to coordinate an individualized plan for qualified innovators, incorporating information gathered by our guardians, advocates and teaching staff. Learning Support is fully integrated into the academic program and skills are demonstrated or modeled through an innovator’s assigned work. Coaching sessions occur, either once or twice per week depending on demonstrated need. These sessions are designed to assess specific innovator support requirements and teach them strategies that they can apply in the context of their coursework to become independent learners. Typical academic scaffolding provided to our innovators include:

  • help with understanding directions and expectations
  • organization of materials and digital files
  • planning of assignments
  • time management
  • reading comprehension strategies
  • writing skills
  • study skills
  • self-advocacy skills

Learning Support at NEIA is designed to be transitional and lead to independence; the goal of the program is to have innovators work their way out of the program through demonstrated success.


The aim of counseling services is to join in the continued effort of fostering a sense of community belonging and to help maximize academic achievement. This is achieved through:

  • Health and safety assessment
  • Short-term counseling support
  • Partnering with other natural and formal support systems
  • Referral to outside formal supports, when appropriate

School counselors may speak with innovators on a range of issues, including but not limited to coping with transition, adjustment to school or culture, self-esteem, identity, relationship issues, conflict resolution, social skills, adjustment to school/culture, gender/sex diversity, stress management, management of other psychological symptoms, conflict resolution, and other social and emotional issues that impact their learning experience.


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