Our Students

Diversity, we believe, fuels innovation. Our students represent a diversity of countries, languages, experiences, identity, passions, and talents. What brings these students together? What draws them to NEIA? A shared vision for a dynamic education that offers a future-focused curriculum, real-world inclusion, and human-centered design.


You Should
Apply If You
Aspire To…

  • Engage actively in learning.
  • Think critically and empathetically about relevant issues.
  • Contribute to a community-oriented environment.
  • Pursue new interests and step outside of your comfort zone.

NEIA celebrates the individual as we innovate toward an inclusive community that we can all inhabit together with joy, dignity, confidence, and compassion. NEIA’s Admission Committee strives to maintain cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity among the student body while enrolling families who deeply understand and embrace the mission of the Academy.

Our learning support team collaborates closely with our school counselors, but we cannot guarantee 1:1 support. Please be aware that our school is not equipped to serve students who require a therapeutic or highly structured approach, those who struggle with significant emotional regulation that disrupts the classroom, or students who pose risks to themselves or others.

We encourage you to reach toward your fullest potential and find passions and interests you didn’t know you had.


Whether you're seeking more information about our grade 7-12 academy program, summer programs, or have any questions at all, this is the right place to start. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.