An integrated grades 7-12 education.


NEIA’s curriculum invites students to engage with materials, experiences, ideas, and questions that provoke critical thinking. Our holistic approach balances and enriches interdisciplinary learning through integrated projects, relevant problem-solving, active student engagement, and teaching from skilled educators. 


Explore what it means to be human through an appreciation and understanding of literary, historical, artistic, cultural, and social viewpoints to communicate creative and critical thought.

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Innovation Studio

A multi-disciplinary design studio that teaches responsible innovation and entrepreneurship resulting in beautiful outcomes that benefit the world.

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Experience engaging, authentic opportunities to confidently communicate and express oneself in a new language, and cultivate global citizenship through a deep appreciation for world cultures.

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Understand math not as a collection of isolated concepts but an ever-evolving body of interconnected knowledge used to develop the quantitative reasoning skills to make the best possible real-world decisions.

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Ask questions, collect information, organize and test ideas, solve problems, learn from others, and then apply what you have learned to make sense of the world around us.

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Theater Arts

Discover the role of a lifetime: analyze theater and performance, express yourself, work independently and collaboratively.

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Visual Arts

Learn skills for self-expression and creativity; develop critical thinking and empathy to interpret the world in new ways to inspire and inform others.

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An empowering way of thinking, leading, and managing that focuses on solving problems and creating value.

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Our holistic approach to education takes into account the whole student. Students learn best when they feel a sense of belonging and are emotionally safe.

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Global Online Academy

GOA supplements NEIA’s core curriculum and gives students the opportunities they need to explore the topics they are passionate about.

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