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Connecting passions with skills.


Guiding Principles:

  • SOCIAL JUSTICE. Analysis of power and privilege, focus on equity and resistance.
  • RELEVANCE. Connecting material to today’s landscape.
  • RESILIENCE. Exploration of how individuals, communities, and societies respond with innovation to global and local challenges.
  • GLOBAL. Attention to more than a single voice; attentive to multiplicities and pluralities.
  • INNOVATORS. Examination of the changemakers and their traits; exploration of how they creatively responded to the circumstances of their time period.

Integrated, not isolated

The humanities curriculum focuses on exploring and understanding various aspects of human experience—including literature, history, art, culture, and society. We develop creative and critical thinking skills by encouraging students to communicate their thoughts effectively.


Humanities 7: The Innovation of Leadership

The focus shifts to leadership and purpose, exploring historical texts, poetry, and stories that highlight brave individuals and defining moments in history. 

Humanities 8: Innovation in Government

Students delve into the concept of innovation in government, examining the beginnings of US democracy and deconstructing civic dilemmas from different perspectives.


Humanities 9: Literacy Workshop

Focuses on a literacy workshop that hones writing, reading, and communication skills.

Humanities 10: Global Topics

Explores global topics and the impact of historical and societal decisions on human lives.

Humanities 11: American Studies

Examines American studies, taking a multicultural approach to study the diverse history and culture of the United States. 

Humanities 12: Electives

Our electives, such as “TV Writers’ Room” and “Art and Physics of Time Travel,” provide meaningful opportunities for students to explore new ways of applying their many Humanities skills.

Scope & Sequence

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Humanities 7: The Innovation of Leadership
Humanities 8: Innovation in Government
Humanities 9: Literacy Workshop
Humanities 10: Global Topics
Humanities 11: American Studies
Humanities 12: Example Electives

Change-makers Throughout History: Poetry and Short Stories

Understanding democracy with its complexities and contradictions

World War 2 & alternate history fiction

Intro to Cross-Cultural Analysis

Who is an American?

TV Writers’ Room

Model UN: Sustainable Development Goals

The three branches of government

Colonialism & Haitian geography and history

First and second waves of colonization

Vietnam War

Art and Physics of Time Travel

Silver People: Voices From the Panama Canal

Focus: The Judicial Branch and mock trial

Shakespeare and the Globe Theater

World War 1: Treaty of Versailles Simulation

Native American Boarding Schools

Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship Project

Connections to literature: Nothing But the Truth and Alan Gratz book, 9-11

Henrietta Lacks & moral and ethical dilemmas


Gatsby and the Jazz Age

When You Reach Me

Controversial Issue Project

Civil Resistance & Disobedience and Greek Theater

South African Apartheid

Harlem Renaissance

Climate Activism: Ted Talk Project

Art/Humanities: The art of the interview

Book Club and This I Believe

Chinese Cultural Revolution

US Imperialism in Latin America

"Humanities give you a sense of self and the world around you. Blending history, English, philosophy, and geography in one class teaches critical thinking which is essential for our students."
Elise Mott, Humanities Teacher and Director of Community Impact


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