Innovators Present at NEIA 2023-2024 Clubs Fair

It's that time of the year! NEIA students get to join and form clubs based on their passions and interests.

All clubs at NEIA require a staff member to oversee and guide the innovators. Our students have the exciting opportunity to join an established club or form their own. It is this freedom that leads to incredible connections and stellar projects. Some students stood up in front of the entire school to pitch their club to their peers.

Student-Led Presentations 

Culinary Club – Maya and Catherine delivered a pretty enticing pitch: make a different dish every week (usually a dessert or snack) and then afterward you get to eat your delicious work.

DND Club – Short for Dungeons & Dragons, this club is led by Bella. The goal is to introduce this fun, collaborative form of storytelling to NEIA’s halls. The first weeks will be about creating a character, learning the rules, and then starting their own campaign. 

Amusements Club – Simon called himself a bit of a “coaster enthusiast.” The goal of this club: build a functional, small-scale rollercoaster on NEIA’s campus. With safety at the forefront, this club will be a fun mechanical and engineering challenge.

Adventure Club – Tobe and Jeremie want to keep the adventure club’s plans vague because surprise is the key to adventure. Led by a NEIA staff member, they want to create adventures, both on-campus and off, like making snowmen, hiking, and embracing the adventure of life. 

Additional Clubs

  • Community Impact
  • Debate Club
  • Chorus
  • Student Newspaper
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design Club 
  • Community Garden Club 
  • Fiber Arts 
  • Digital Storytelling 
  • Games Club
  • Fishing
  • STEM
  • Theater
  • Music
  • Innovation, Gaming, and Everything in Between
  • Chess
  • Sustainability
  • Content Creation Club
  • ASL


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Yesterday, Matt Forcier of LMV Productions spoke to Baldev’s Entrepreneurship class. He presented his real-world experience as a film production business owner. Matt shared with students his process of team building, business development, and, most importantly, believing in yourself. His message was taking every opportunity to be involved in your business and focus on what you are passionate about.

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