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NEIA’s curriculum offers a holistic approach to learning, one that balances and enriches interdisciplinary learning through integrated projects, exciting problem solving, active student engagement, and coaching from skilled instructors with disciplinary knowledge.



Our uniquely tailored project-based program for grades 6-12 hinges on an innovative curriculum that gives students a sense of ownership, the opportunity to feel valued and heard, and to learn from real-world connections.

Innovation Studio is an immersive, hands-on, project-based learning environment where science, business, design, and ethnography are used with the human-centered design process to plan, design, create, implement, and iterate on projects resulting in cutting-edge, meaningful innovations.

Liberal Arts include the study of humanities, math, science, language, and the arts. Traditional subjects will be taught in relation to ongoing Innovation Studio projects and themes, increasing their relevance and authenticity. The connections made improve retention and deepen learning by providing more context.

Wellbeing is approached through a curriculum that addresses social-emotional learning, functional nutrition, mental health, physical health, life skills, and outdoor skills. Students are at their best and ready to learn when they are healthy, present, and engaged. Elements of wellbeing will be integrated into Innovation Studio and Liberal Arts courses.

Innovation Studio

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Innovation Studio is a substantial part of the program for students in grades 6 through 12. Students inherently have curiosity, intellect, and desire to learn. NEIA meets students with an environment that provides them with the space, the tools, the coaching, and the skills to allow them to go as far as their passion, imagination, resourcefulness, and motivation will take them. In the Innovation Studio, the human-centered design process is used to explore and develop habits of work, mind, and heart. Students will work with their hands to build projects. They will use their minds to identify the problem they are trying to solve and come to understand who those problems directly affect and why. Students will use their hearts as they step into the shoes of others with empathy to explore viewpoints that are different from their own. The sciences, the arts, business, ethnography, and design come together as students learn and apply newly gained knowledge to relevant and meaningful projects that positively impact their community.

Liberal Arts

The portrait of an innovator at NEIA includes a student that is literate in multiple mediums. They are fluent in mathematics, literature, language, and the arts as avenues of expression and interpretation. NEIA innovators will have an understanding of American and global history. Skills and information acquired during these blocks of study and practice combined with empathy provide the foundation to understand current events and context for their work.  Math, science,  humanities, and visual and performing arts are courses for every NEIA student. Not only will the liberal arts education provided at NEIA enable them to become stronger innovators, but it will also help them become more well-rounded people. We are a community of independent thinkers who value good ideas and seek to positively impact the lives of others. NEIA students are equipped to see what is, approach a challenge, and thrive in a diverse and changing world.


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Wellbeing is designed to support the whole person through belonging to ensure student happiness and wellness and to foster students’ social and emotional growth. NEIA innovators develop skills such as risk-taking, communication, decision making, self-awareness, collaboration, teamwork, grit, leadership, time management, and empathy as well as global and cultural competencies. As part of the learning day, students have time to focus and build their practice in the areas of mindfulness, social-emotional learning, functional nutrition, mental and physical health, life skills, and a deep connection to the natural environment.

Students will use their hearts as they step into the shoes of others with empathy to explore viewpoints that are different from their own.


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