Artists Finding a CommonTime


Christine Matovich, Founder,, Performing Arts Coordinator and Outreach, Music Educator at International School of Stuttgart


Terri Moore, Artist, Instructor in Art and Director of the Tremaine Gallery, The Hotchkiss School


Ayla Gavins, Curriculum Coordinator and Instructional Coach

Quote Icon What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the links which exist. It’s not what you see that is art; art is the gap.
Marcel Duchamp
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Find out more about Christine’s work at! Terri Moore’s work is at

Questions from the Pod:

You speak often about connections. Can you speak more about the necessity of the intercultural nature of CommonTime as an endeavor and how that global nature influences CommonTime? Can you tell us how this inspired your creation and how it impacts the organization as it comes into being?

How do we have to meet students where they are? How do the narratives we create connect people? In responding to CommonTime and our work with students – Building narratives together opens up even more ways to connect back to students.

We talked about meeting students where they are; now let’s talk about meeting each other where we are. You worked toward creating CommonTime in a pandemic. Can you talk to us about what it was like to create a business within a pandemic over little squares on a computer?

As we navigate a space with students where we center diverse perspectives and work to present multiple points of view and experiences beyond simply a majority or dominant perspective, how can CommonTime, or arts writ large, play a role in dismantling or challenging held norms by centering connections?

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On Tuesday, 9th-grade Visual Arts embarked on a real-world exploration. The students visited the New England Aquarium, immersing themselves in the vibrant marine environment where they were inspired and tasked to translate their experiences onto paper.

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