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What can we do to help students with learning disabilities? We all learn differently and therefore require different learning environments to reach our true potential.


Dana Mackenzie

Facilities Manager


Dana is a Facilities Manager with nine years of experience in building maintenance. Before NEIA, Dana spent seven years of those years working at an international school. He is also a licensed electrician with 15 years of experience in commercial construction throughout New England. Dana also serves on a small private school board to engage in school operations and share his knowledge.


IBEW Local Union Electrical Training Program; Minute Man Technical Vocational Trade School


Go to college, do something you love, and pursue it with passion. Life is short; it goes by fast, do not be afraid to take a chance in life, whether it be personal relationships or a dream. Even if you do not succeed, you will learn from your failure.


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Yesterday, our mini inventors went to the Boston Museum of Science to see real life inventions and creations. They dove into design processes to ultimately guide them in their creation of a product which they will be presenting tomorrow!

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This week our mini inventors will be focusing on coding and prototyping. Yesterday, students prototyped a lamp, and today, they did the same with a sound machine. Students then used human-centered design to understand how to improve the product for the user by interviewing classmates and staff. Friday, students will present to their classmates, staff, and families their chosen projects starting from their beginning sketches to their prototype to the final product.

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