React, Reflect, and Re-Set


Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D., Founder and Principal at Re-Set School


Jennifer Dalton, Ph.D., Founding Faculty Member at NEIA


Vicki Grisanti, Director of Marketing and Communications

Quote Icon Often, we don't create space to rethink our practice because we are too busy doing things that keep us unhappy and unwell.
Greg Bamford, Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Leadership + Design
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Let’s first talk about taking care… How do you see belonging and care as connected, as feeding, pushing, founding each other? And in this moment of crisis how can they be leveraged to create culture?

In the world of CoVid19 crisis living there is an innate ambiguity, and we along with the whole world are required to dwell in uncertainty. Uncertainty is often seen as an enemy of leadership… How can uncertainty be leadership? What can we be certain about as we reflect and recenter?

Culture is central to being able to engage in difficult conversations – Can you talk about how being well does not necessarily mean being comfortable? You mentioned an article by Greg Bamford… How do you see the communities we are building as being responsible for holding space for discomfort?

Looking forward toward what this new ideal (School, Workplace, Government, Organization, etc.) might look like… once we have a culture that supports learning and growing, leaning into difficult conversations, and is centered in care and belonging… what types of things become possible that would otherwise never happen before in schools, organizations, governments, bodies?

Jennifer Bryan’s book, From The Dress-Up Corner to the Senior Prom: Navigating Gender and Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12 Schools was published in 2012.

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