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Jennifer Bryan on Pause

Jennifer joins Yours to Create in this mini-podcast with a preview of her thoughts on the next episode.

Quote Icon When you name the unsustainability of the current way of working, people will feel validated, relieved and ultimately, motivated to stay in the game.
Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D., Founder and Principal at Re-Set School
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Jennifer Bryan, Ph.D., is a psychologist, consultant, coach, speaker and author with over 37 years of experience working in educational and clinical settings. She earned her masters and doctorate in counseling psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, a BA in creative writing from Princeton University, and studied for a year at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

She founded Team Finch Consultants in 2000, as a specialist in helping schools and organizations create inclusive communities by understanding and addressing gender and sexuality diversity. Her book, From The Dress-Up Corner to the Senior Prom: Navigating Gender and Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12 Schools was published in 2012.

In April 2020 Jennifer brought together a diverse team of experienced educators to consider ways to serve schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. The group highlighted leadership, equity and inclusion, health and wellness, and teaching and learning as critical areas of inquiry and intervention. As the pandemic persisted into the fall and beyond, Jennifer adopted Re-Set School as her primary consulting company and now works to help schools to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build equitable, healthy, connected, and sustainable learning communities.

In all aspects of her work, Jennifer uses psychological and pedagogical frameworks, skilled group facilitation, and a lively sense of humor to inspire learning, growth, and community. This is work she loves and feels honored to do. She has two young adult children and lives in Northampton, MA with two moderately well-behaved dogs.

More information about transforming education is available at Re-Set School. Yours to Create’s theme and interludes are by Maisie Bull. Yours to Create is produced by New England Innovation Academy.


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