Purpose Begins with Belonging


Patrick Cook-Deegan · Founder + CEO at Project Wayfinder


Brittany Holsapple, Head of Student Support Services at International School Basel


Kevin Ramos-Glew, Dean of Enrollment

Quote Icon What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
Jane Goodall
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At Project Wayfinder you define purpose, not as a destination, or singular focus but rather as aspiring to live with purpose each and every day. In your work, as you watch kids move along their own journey into purpose, what role have you seen PASSION playing in the process?

The first of your six core values at Project Wayfinder is: “We believe meaningful relationships are fundamental to human health and vitality. To us, this means connecting with others in ways that are authentic and compassionate.” How do these connections and the sense of belonging that they engender ground the purpose journey work?

You tell an anecdote about Mr. Fields… Talk to us about the old paradigms a bit, and what, looking forward, you see as necessary to build the schools the world needs next?

Given everything that is going on in our world (CoVid19, heightened partisanship, the BLM and other important social justice movements, etc.) What changes have you had to make at Project Wayfinder? – – What needs to change to help students navigate their purpose journey at this moment?  What’s next for Project Wayfinder?

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