The Future Shines Bright For Young Entrepreneurs

NEIA Partners with TiE-Boston to Support Next Generation Changemakers

PIN Points

  • NEIA supports young innovators and entrepreneurs in partnership with TYE Boston’s Final Pitch Competition.

  • Student-led teams work together to tackle tough problems,  design solutions, and create companies over the course of 6 months.

  • Scollab, an online platform designed to improve collaboration between students, went on to receive second-place overall at the 12th annual TYE Global Final Competition.

The 2021 TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) Boston’s Final Pitch Competition, which took place on June 3, 2021, featured teen entrepreneurs who pitched 12 startup solutions for the chance to advance to the TYE Global Competition.

NEIA sponsored the event that featured over 60 high school students who participated in a day-long virtual pitch competition. The student-led teams created solutions for issues ranging from the democratization of 3D printing, combating student stress during COVID-19, providing unbiased news, and mobilizing Gen Z to support local businesses.

Top honors went to Scollab, an online platform designed to improve collaboration between students. The Scollab team went on to receive second-place overall at the 12th annual TYE Global Final Competition on June 18-19.

“As a part of the TYE program this past year, we tasked ourselves to solve a problem that affects us (as high schoolers) and our peers daily. Outside of school, collaborating with peers and educators is an issue that most students struggle with, one that studies show can hinder enthusiasm, engagement, and learning. Thus, we set out to create a solution, and Scollab found its inception,” shared the Scollab team in a statement.

Other award winners included Viva, a hardware solution to help plant owners keep their plants thriving, and Spare!, a digital solution to help keep track of coupons to help shoppers save money. The event included over 250 attendees and guest judges who are venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

“Inspiring young entrepreneurs and innovators is part of NEIA’s mission as the first human-centered design school of its kind,” said Jossy Lee, NEIA Strategic Advisor and Founding Member. “We are delighted to partner with TiE Boston as they continue to support budding entrepreneurs through their work and congratulate the students on their efforts to explore and design new solutions to challenging problems.”

TYE Boston’s Entrepreneurship Academy is dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders through the transformative experience of building a startup. For six months, exceptional high school students are taught a rigorous curriculum by startup founders and industry experts and collaborate with their peers to create a solution to a pressing problem they identify.

The competition concluded with all participants leaving with a sense of accomplishment, plenty of experience, meaningful feedback, and long-lasting connections. Applications for the 2021-2022 TYE Entrepreneurship Academy are now open.


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