Meet Our Founding Innovators: Part II

Founding Innovators share insights and reflect the shared values as we co-create the school the world needs next.

PIN Points

  • Founding Innovator insights on joining the school the world needs next.

  • A school that values real-world immersion, focus on health and wellbeing, opportunity to innovate and experiment, explore new interests, and enjoy a supportive community.

  • Consider how we use our gifts to make the world a better place for other people.

Founding Innovators share insights and articulate shared values as they explain what made NEIA the right school for them. We’re delighted to have these thoughtful and talented students join our inaugural class and hear directly from them as to what drew them to our school community. Their insights provide a quick snapshot of what we value in school — real-world application, opportunities to make the world a better place, focus health and wellbeing, ability to explore new interests, and a supportive community.

As we gather this summer to work toward our fall opening, we will keep their words top of mind and look ahead to co-create a school community we can all take pride in. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how we might use our gifts to make the world a better place for other people.

We hope you enjoy this snapshot and continue to connect with us to share your thoughts or learn more about our approach at


“I chose NEIA because I want to learn new things and know how to use them in real life. Also, I really like the innovation lab.” — Jayden, Grade 6, Leominster, MA

“I often find myself thinking about the campus and community at NEIA. I am beyond excited to get to know more of those I’ve already met and to meet new people! An open and supportive community is just as important as anything else in a learning environment for me.  I’m very confident that the NEIA community will be just right for me!” — Lila, Grade 9, St. Paul, MN

“I am very glad to be a student of NEIA, although I am in Korea far from the States. I chose NEIA because I think that I can do a few things that I cannot do in the Korean education system. Also, I am excited to go back to the States where I was born and to get an innovative education at NEIA. I will be an innovator suitable for the developing world, making a better world by using what I learned at NEIA.” — Kathryn, Grade 9, South Korea

“I am very excited to become a part of NEIA’s community because of how their ideology is different from other schools. My favorite activity is coding, and I think that going to NEIA will help me develop my programming skills even further because of their unique schedule. I am also excited to make new friends who share my interests and hobbies.” — True, Grade 7, Hopkinton, MA

“The reason I wanted to enroll in NEIA is that I feel this will be a new opportunity for me to not only focus on my education but my health too, while being surrounded by kind, amazing people and in a safe environment. NEIA will help me to grow and become more educated.” — Kennadie, Grade 7, Charlton, MA

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We each have a particular gift. How do we use our power or our gifts to make things better for other people?
Ayla Gavins, Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation Coordinator


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