Moment or MOVEMENT?


Jackie Glenn, founder and CEO of Glenn Diversity, Inclusion & HR Solutions


Vicki Grisanti, Director of Marketing and Communications, NEIA

Quote Icon Your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have power, empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.
Toni Morrison
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Questions from the Pod:

In our pre conversation you alluded to the work of DEIJ+ being cyclical, we have done this work before. These echoes of ancestors of those who came before ring loudly in this moment of what you call the 4 P’s. Can you talk about your journey and how you see the work you are doing being particularly relevant in this moment?

Let’s talk about Bias. You called bias ‘the air we breathe.” Can you unpack this a little for us in your role as a diversity doctor? What is your prescription?

We talk a lot about Safe Spaces at schools. When we talked you called me in on that a bit and challenged me. Can you talk about holding Brave Spaces, and how as teachers we have to lean into the discomfort of ambiguity in our work as we model for young people.

Allen mentioned Calling Out/Calling in, and you explained to us how this is an opportunity to encourage the best in each of us and how we operate or show up. Can you talk about how you use this in your work? Could you help us better understand the coaching/correcting component of your work?

Schools are liminal spaces, spaces of creation, transition, and discovery. What is our responsibility as teachers to build capacities around DEIJ+ work with our students? What must we practice as we look toward the future?

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