MetroWest Daily News Captures Founding Graduating Class at NEIA

Graduations can be pretty boring for newspapers. Same story, different names, year after year. MetroWest Daily News captured a new kind of graduating class from a new kind of school.

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A great quote from the article by Jesse Collings:

“Students who are set to graduate this spring pointed out that NEIA differs from other schools in that its discovery-based learning model allows them to integrate their own interests into their education… The results [college decisions] would suggest that NEIA achieved a major success, with all members of the graduating class getting accepted into such colleges as New York University, the University of Michigan and the Savannah College of Art and Design.”



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Tomorrow, the halls will not feel the same without these 15 innovators. It is not goodbye, but instead, see you later.

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Congratulations to Lee, New York University is lucky to have you!

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Congratulations to Aaron, Claremont McKenna College is lucky to have you!

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