Cytiva Collaboration: Field Study

NEIA's Biotrek journey continues! Our 11th graders spent an entire morning at the facilities of a leading Medical Technology company. After months of learning these scientific concepts, these students get to see these ideas in action in a real-world setting.

On Wednesday, 11th-graders walked right down Locke Drive to Cytiva, a global provider of technologies and services to advance and accelerate the development, manufacture, and delivery of therapeutics. Cytiva is a huge name in the Biotech industry. During the pandemic, their scientists were involved in 70% of the global efforts, including 380 vaccine development programs and 200 monoclonal antibody initiatives.

Cytiva has six facilities within fifteen miles of our school. The facility we visited specializes in Fast Track manufacturing. Before the tour, Cytiva representatives reviewed lab safety and the structure of the company and its many subsidiaries. One engineer called this field “a wonderful industry, a neverending learning cycle” where everyday you are helping people. Another employee emphasized why he enjoys working at a company like Cytiva because it allows workers to bounce around the many stages of development and manufacturing so they can find what they are most passionate about. 

On the tour, our 11th-graders were taken on the entire journey of manufacturing medical products, starting upstream (the creation and growth of cells), and moving downstream (cell purification and ultimately formulation), and even meeting a member of the sales team that uses his entrepreneurial spirit to combine his love of business and science. The tour guides answered all of our Innovators’ questions, explaining each concept simply and succinctly. 

On Friday, the 11th grade went to Manchester NH for a college day. They toured the University of New Hampshire at Manchester campus and the Biotechnology Innovation Center. They also spoke with representatives from the University about the unique opportunities they offer. Afterward, the 11th grade visited the Southern New Hampshire University campus for a demonstration of their robotics program and to take part in a biology activity. These experiences help to open our students’ eyes to the possibilities that exist after high school. 

These exciting opportunities were once again facilitated by the amazing team at Biotrek. The Biotrek journey continues to bring fascinating real-world experiences to our science curriculum and our 11th-graders.


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On Tuesday, 9th-grade Visual Arts embarked on a real-world exploration. The students visited the New England Aquarium, immersing themselves in the vibrant marine environment where they were inspired and tasked to translate their experiences onto paper.

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