NEIA Assistant Head of School Featured in Back-to-School Article

"We plan to use human-centered design to co-create AI policies alongside our students, staff and parents."

Ben told ESCHOOLNEWS, “AI is here and it is not going away. At NEIA, last May, we brought together students from five schools to ask a simple question, “What should we do with AI in education?” There was wisdom in the clarity of their responses, “Use it ethically, teach with it, and demand transparency from the companies building generative AI platforms. We are adding in conversations about generative AI at our opening meetings, sharing helpful questions and prompts, discussing how to best use it in a classroom setting, and finding ways to adapt and get comfortable with AI in education. We plan to use human-centered design to co-create AI policies alongside our students, staff and parents. We’ve added a new competency around crediting sources as a first step toward developing ethical AI usage for our students and helping them think critically about where their information is coming from. Teachers are focused on being clear in their directives to students around what is and is not acceptable, and we’ll be continuing to evolve our policy alongside the technology.”

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Yesterday, Matt Forcier of LMV Productions spoke to Baldev’s Entrepreneurship class. He presented his real-world experience as a film production business owner. Matt shared with students his process of team building, business development, and, most importantly, believing in yourself. His message was taking every opportunity to be involved in your business and focus on what you are passionate about.

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