World of 8 Billion Finalists

Major applause for our 11th graders, Catherine, Aaron, & Lee! They’ve achieved the significant honor of being global finalists in the World of 8 Billion video contest.

Catherine delivered a powerful video on gender equality, “US State Abortion Bans,” and Aaron & Lee brought innovative thinking to waste solutions with “Fungus Frenzy – Sustainable Styrofoam.” Their work, which addressed how population growth impacts climate, waste, and gender equality while proposing sustainable solutions, stood out among thousands of entries worldwide.

A big thank you to their dedicated humanities and science teachers, who provided invaluable support throughout the project. In a year when we acknowledged our growing global population seeing the competition change its name to World of 8 Billion, it’s inspiring to see our students leading the way in tackling these pressing issues. Here’s to continuing to explore global challenges through film!


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On Tuesday, 9th-grade Visual Arts embarked on a real-world exploration. The students visited the New England Aquarium, immersing themselves in the vibrant marine environment where they were inspired and tasked to translate their experiences onto paper.

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