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A class is an artificial, yet essential construct – it exists as a springboard that should take us from what we know to what we do not. So how can we enable both students and teachers to step from the known into the unknown?


Rick Hardy

Senior Advisor


Rick grew up in southern New Hampshire, the third of six kids, and from an early age, he found his way through labor – haying, delivering papers, landscaping,working on cordwood and logging crews, and then, in graduate school, teaching his first course, and falling in love with the classroom. Rick has spent more than forty years as a teacher, senior administrator, and head of school, and now, as an educational consultant. He enjoys running, playing softball, cooking, reading, writing, attending BSO concerts, and traveling around the world.


B.A., University of New Hampshire

A.M.,  Brown University



It’s a good idea to listen to your elders, but that doesn’t mean you should follow all of their advice.


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We are on our way to the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in St. Louis, MO! This opportunity truly reflects the dedication of each student to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The SDLC promises to be a transformative experience, providing a platform for students to cultivate leadership skills, engage in meaningful discussions, and gain valuable insights into promoting diversity and inclusion within our community.

We look forward to sharing our journey to the SDLC with the NEIA community!



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