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How could we use innovators’ passions to change just-in-case learning into just-in-time learning?


Francisco Mireles

Industrial Designer in Residence

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Francisco worked at the first Mexican company to develop additive manufacturing technology. He founded his own company, which developed experimental and ready-to-market products. Francicso’s passion for design and innovation led him to teach design, creativity, and technology-related classes at several Mexican universities. He also acts as a prototyping-specialized mentor at several Mexican business incubators.

Prior to joining NEIA, Francisco was a digital education consultant at Leon’s Youth Institute, leading the development of a Makerspace and designing the curriculum for a series of workshops about digital skills. He has given conferences and workshops about technology and design at many major Mexican universities. Francisco is excited to be part of the NEIA team to provide future generations with skills that enable them to find their passions, create value, and live fulfilling lives.


B.S., Industrial Design, De LaSalle Bajío University; M.S., Innovation of Service and Experience Businesses, ICON University


Always explore and try to find your passions. When you have found them, go full on them!


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We are on our way to the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in St. Louis, MO! This opportunity truly reflects the dedication of each student to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The SDLC promises to be a transformative experience, providing a platform for students to cultivate leadership skills, engage in meaningful discussions, and gain valuable insights into promoting diversity and inclusion within our community.

We look forward to sharing our journey to the SDLC with the NEIA community!



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