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How can you use your creativity to break free of the standardized learning constraints we are all accustomed to in order to change the world?


Caitlin Cook

Digital Content Manager

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Caitlin has always had a passion for education, always understanding that it is the foundation for one’s life journey. Similarly, she has always valued creativity, especially within school. Caitlin previously worked at Boston University Academy where her love for private schools blossomed. Her time in the nonprofit sector also contributed to her interest in helping others, especially children. Caitlin believes that there is more to learning than what meets the eye, and when given creative freedom, children can succeed on a whole new level. As the Digital Content Manager, Caitlin plans to bring NEIA to life through photos as well as highlight the vast amount of unique opportunities for those interested in learning in a more innovative environment. Outside of NEIA, Caitlin enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends.


B.A. in Public Relations with a minor in Business Administration and Management from Boston University


Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Fewer mistakes yield less progress. However, if you do make a mistake, make sure it is a new one. Life is too short to make the wrong choice twice.


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Yesterday, Matt Forcier of LMV Productions spoke to Baldev’s Entrepreneurship class. He presented his real-world experience as a film production business owner. Matt shared with students his process of team building, business development, and, most importantly, believing in yourself. His message was taking every opportunity to be involved in your business and focus on what you are passionate about.

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