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"How can we ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in today's students to solve tomorrow's most pressing challenges?"


Baldev Rawat

Entrepreneurship Teacher


Baldev, a recipient of the Mayor Innovation Award and the Best Alumni Award from G H Raisoni College of Engineering, Baldev Singh Rawat is a dedicated educator with an engineering and MBA background. Before Joining NEIA full time as the Entrepreneurship Teacher, Baldev led NEIA’s young innovators in launching a school store ( using Shopify and Notion. Baldev has a rich background in engineering while bringing over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, strategy, and education. Baldev Founded an award-winning for-profit social enterprise, committed to entrepreneurship & employability education. He also developed a business in India and South Africa as well as taught a diverse audience, including 1,500 Indian Army officers, over 20,000 students, 600+ faculty members, and 1,000+ professionals. 


MBA Business Analytics and Machine Learning: Babson College. 

Strategy Consulting, Management Development Program: Indian Institute of Management

Bachelors of Electrical Engineering: G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering. 




Your humility and kindness will be your greatest assets. Your heart's compassion will be your truest guide in entrepreneurship. Live in the moment.


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Yesterday, our mini inventors went to the Boston Museum of Science to see real life inventions and creations. They dove into design processes to ultimately guide them in their creation of a product which they will be presenting tomorrow!

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This week our mini inventors will be focusing on coding and prototyping. Yesterday, students prototyped a lamp, and today, they did the same with a sound machine. Students then used human-centered design to understand how to improve the product for the user by interviewing classmates and staff. Friday, students will present to their classmates, staff, and families their chosen projects starting from their beginning sketches to their prototype to the final product.

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