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Love Connecting Cultural Cultivators


Tristan Walker Founder & CEO of Walker & Company Brands


Nellie Coffey Co-Founder of Sun Chaser


Tom Woelper, Head of School at NEIA

Quote Icon “Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.”
Barack Obama
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Questions from the Podcast:

In the mini pod you talked about Empathy. As we dive into Mentoring, what do we need to change in our practices, especially around inclusion, as we continue to build, lead, and mentor future generations either in business or other domains. What is the delta?

Your story is the quintessential American Dream – a kid in Queens with very little sets a big goal: ‘to become as wealthy as possible as quickly as possible.’ And you’ve done it, you are living proof that it can be done. For all of the kids out there with a similar dream, how did you do it? What mentors and resources helped you bridge the gap from where you were to where you’ve come?

In the New York Times in 2018, you said: “I’m dedicating my life to the demographic shift happening in this country. Not only for Silicon Valley. Not only for business. But for this country’s competitiveness.” I think about this quote in relation to something you said in a conversation earlier with Tom Woelper, NEIA Head of School, “Your comfort should not supersede my inclusion.” Can you talk about these two quotes both in terms of our reality in America and our shared aspiration for true equity?

Share with us your vision for what empathetic business building can and should look like in the future. How must we mentor the next generation to achieve this vision? What must we do?

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