Facing Challenge Effectively Together


John Yeager, Ed.D., Coach, Author and Chief Education Officer at The Yeager Leadership Group


Diana Flemma, MA, LCPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


John Turner, Brand and Culture Advisor

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Pat Summitt, 7-time NCAA Coach of the Year, Naismith Coach of the Century
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Explore John Yeager’s book The Coaching Zone. Diana Flemma shares her important work at


Is there a story (or stories) that led you to write this book? Either about you as a coach or being coached? How have these impacted your thinking and led you down your path?

You speak in your work about a sweet spot, a balance between empowerment and direction. Is there a magic formula (I think I know the answer to that!)? Talk to us about this and how our own growth as adults, as coaches – and our fallibility – might be at play as we strive to find this balance.

When you talk about coaching I am struck about how it parallels Parenting, which I talk about in my work as a LCPC. Can you talk about differentiation in your work and how you must meet kids where they are? Maybe also exploring this in the context of our changed world with CoVid19.

This conversation leads me back to the why? My own why and the why of our institutions. Can you talk a little about how sometimes the β€˜Why?’ might get obscured for us as adult coaches – how the processes/systems/glories can take over and what we can do to be more effective?

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Thank you, @classdismissedpodcast , for hosting Ben Farrell, Assistant Head of School & Director of Upper School, to discuss the potential of generative AI in the classroom. At NEIA, we're always looking for innovative ways to prepare our students for the future, and incorporating AI technology is just one of them. By embracing generative AI, we can provide our students with valuable skills and insights into this rapidly evolving field. Let's shape the future of education together! Link in bio. #youreaninnovator #generativeai #education #innovation ...

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