Entrepreneurial Mindset with Babson College

New England Innovation Academy and Babson College have partnered to offer a dynamic, pre-college summer program you won't find anywhere else.

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NEIA Next’s two-week boarding experience delivers the foundation for a successful career. Babson’s summer program offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on nurturing entrepreneurial thinking and action. All students will receive a certificate of completion from the Babson Academy for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurial Learning. 

Learn about Babson’s world-famous strategic framework—the Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® methodology. This action-oriented method for navigating environments equips them with practical skills to navigate uncertain environments. The program emphasizes the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and explores the importance of entrepreneurial identity.

Your student won’t be learning from teaching assistants. Babson’s best professors, award-winning educators, will be leading these lessons. The program extends its scope to real-world problem-solving by examining the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and providing tools for strategic analysis. The topics covered in this premiere pre-college program include idea generation, business model design, empathy-driven value assessment, the application of Design Thinking, marketing and selling strategies, and negotiation skills.

Financial aspects of entrepreneurship, including budgeting and fundraising, will be covered, preparing students to one day start their own businesses. The program culminates in a Rocket Pitch event, judged by Babson faculty on Babson’s campus. By helping participants master the art of impactful pitching, program participants will leave ready to communicate their entrepreneurial vision effectively.

This program equips aspiring entrepreneurs with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Babson College Faculty is a must for any high school student interested in elevating their entrepreneurial skills, their business knowledge, and their college admissions profile.


Ages: Rising grades 10-12 and postgraduate
Cost: For more info on residential program tuition, room, and board, follow the Registration link. 
Dates: July 22-August 2, 2024 (All students will be boarding for the entire length of the program.)

Program Information:

  • Students will live in the newly renovated residence hall at New England Innovation Academy, a beautiful 26-acre campus just 35 minutes west of Boston.
  • Babson College professors teach all daily workshops.
  • Special Guest Speakers from renowned area colleges.
  • Classes run 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday to Friday, with evening assignments and project work.
  • Weekend explorations in the Boston area, including college visits.

Who is Teaching?

Meet our award-winning faculty.

Specific faculty appointments are subject to change. Apply Now


Professor Sales & Marketing Babson College


Dean Babson Academy & Global Education


Professor Entrepreneurship Babson College


Founder MIT Bootcamps


Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship Babson College


Associate Dean Strategic Initiatives Director, Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship Drexel University


Associate Professor Management Babson College


Associate Professor Arts & Humanities Babson College

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Recognize the power of your potential and gain the confidence to enter college as a top candidate. Our program enables you to build on real-world experiences in ways that will accelerate a successful transition to college. Gain the entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge that will make you stand out on any college application or resume.


How Do I Apply?

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Apply by March 30, 2024, to be eligible for a 10% tuition discount.

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