Cultivating Entrepreneurial Changemakers with Babson: A Parent Workshop Icon

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Changemakers with Babson: A Parent Workshop


About This Workshop

  • Date: April 29, 2024
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
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Join us for a parent workshop where Babson leaders will demonstrate how Babson’s Youth Impact Lab empowers both parents and educators to integrate Babson’s signature student-centric approach to problem-solving into their daily lives. 

Participants will be engaging in dynamic, hands-on activities. For example, they will be prototyping an entrepreneurial game that they can use at home to support their children’s development of an entrepreneurial mindset. This will allow parents and educators to embrace—and simultaneously experience—the power of Babson’s youth curriculum, which allows children to become the co-creators of their own learning journey.

This workshop will be utilizing the EPIC (Entrepreneurship Program for Innovators and Changemakers) Youth Curriculum. EPIC is a youth entrepreneurship program that uses a proven method of teaching entrepreneurship to youth to increase resiliency and entrepreneurial self-efficacy. Whether your child is interested in someday attending Babson or focused on starting their own business, this curriculum is essential in empowering them to make positive change. 

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About Babson

Babson College has been ranked #1 in Entrepreneurship for twenty-seven consecutive years! This is the leading institution for entrepreneurship education, fostering a culture that empowers students to become innovative and socially responsible business leaders. Its foundational focus on entrepreneurial thought and action sets it apart, providing students with practical skills and a unique mindset to navigate the dynamic global business landscape. Babson College continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of business and contributing to economic development.

About NEIA


The world is changing rapidly—new technology, new industries launching, new jobs forming almost overnight. Yet for some reason, despite all this tumult, education stays stagnant. Many of these institutions are using century-old teaching techniques and assessment methods. They operate like factories, valuing convention and conformity over creativity. The results are disastrous. Too often learning is neglected in favor of rote memorization and inapplicable skills. Engagement and application suffer. More importantly, students suffer! They are staying up later than their guardians, studying knowledge they’ll never actually apply. They are stressed out and unsatisfied. Ultimately, these students are entering the real world ill-equipped for the future, merely trained to pass a test, not to lead. 

In the face of profound global challenges, New England Innovation Academy (NEIA) is reimagining education. New England Innovation Academy is a day and boarding school for grades 6-12 students to develop their passion and prepare for their best future. By utilizing an integrated curriculum, and by giving students the tools and the space to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and drive positive change, NEIA is the School of the Future.

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