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How might we create a school where students don’t take the classroom as their entire world, but take the entire world as their classroom?


Jossy Lee

Strategic Advisor

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Jossy thrives tackling the unknown! Through her analytical data-driven mind and empathetic user-centered heart, she turns insights into strategies that are successful in the real world. As a founding member at one of Asia’s first social venture funds, Jossy pioneered in nurturing business with a social mission. While getting her MBA at MIT, she co-founded MIT Sloan Design Club to enable MIT students to solve problems creatively. She spearheaded new ventures, products, and partnerships for EF Education First, the world’s largest private education company, and Chineasy, an award-winning educational entertainment startup. She also advised MIT Open Learning on strategic initiatives and coached highly selective global entrepreneurs and change-makers to build innovation-driven ventures through MIT Bootcamps.


B.A. from National Taiwan University and National University of Singapore; MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management



I spent a lot of effort trying to be like everyone else so that I could “fit in.” I would tell myself, “Don’t fit in. Stand out. Be you, be the unique you, and be the best you.”


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Thank you, @classdismissedpodcast , for hosting Ben Farrell, Assistant Head of School & Director of Upper School, to discuss the potential of generative AI in the classroom. At NEIA, we're always looking for innovative ways to prepare our students for the future, and incorporating AI technology is just one of them. By embracing generative AI, we can provide our students with valuable skills and insights into this rapidly evolving field. Let's shape the future of education together! Link in bio. #youreaninnovator #generativeai #education #innovation ...

📣 It is Club Wednesday at New England Innovation Academy (NEIA), and our fantastic Entrepreneurship Club is back in the spotlight with a special feature by the Boston Globe. 📰 (link in bio)

At NEIA, our students engage in an experiential and integrated curriculum, tackling real-world problems head-on to prepare them for college and beyond. 💪🎓

The Entrepreneurship Club has been hard at work transforming the mall experience with their inventive ideas. This dynamic group exemplifies the power of hands-on learning, creativity, and teamwork. 🌟🤝

Curious about what makes NEIA unique? It's our focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and empowering future leaders. 🌐🚀

Don't miss the opportunity to join our vibrant community! We're accepting applications for grade 6-12 innovators for the fall 2023 semester. ⏳📚

Learn more and apply today! 📝✨

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🌟🎭 Get ready for a magical experience at NEIA! 🎭🌟

Mark your calendars for April 21-22, as "PUFFS, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic" takes the stage at The Space! ✨📆

It's just a few short weeks before our talented cast and crew of 30+ students from grades 7-11 bring this enchanting tale to life! 🌟🧙‍♀️

PUFFS is not your ordinary wizarding story but a heartwarming adventure of those who were there, too. It's a must-see for anyone who's ever felt like they weren't the chosen one. 💖🌈

Stay tuned for show and ticket details – this is one magical event you won't want to miss! 🎟️👀

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