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  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Life Skills

The Wellbeing curriculum at NEIA uses a holistic approach to engage Innovators in meaningful dialogue to develop a sense of agency through empathy, learn about healthy habits of body and mind, and learn practical life and outdoor skills. Understanding that wellness may mean something different to different people, we value input from Innovators to address their particular needs and questions and establish a reflective and inclusive view of how people define health for themselves. Aligning with NEIA’s human-centered approach, the Wellbeing Curriculum begins with our theme of belonging, leading with empathy to understand others, to guide Innovators to contribute meaningfully to the larger world.

The Wellbeing Curriculum comprises three strands: social-emotional learning, functional nutrition, and life skills. NEIA has chosen to utilize Project Wayfinder for our SEL curriculum. Informed by the five pillars of the Center for Academic, Social, Emotional Learning (CASEL), the Wayfinder curriculum addresses five broad and interrelated areas of competence: self, awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Middle School

  • Grade 6-8

Wellbeing begins with an exploration of belonging and identity through the Project Wayfinder social-emotional curriculum. Innovators will explore their identities by reflecting on their life so far, what brings them joy, what’s important to them, and what makes them who they are. Topics include the relationship between our bodies and emotions, skill-building to deal with challenging emotions, self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making, self-management, and relationship skills. Through the Functional Nutrition strand, Innovators will learn about the digestive system, the positive effect of movement on overall body health, and the benefits of mindfulness and other methods for stress reduction. Our Life Skills strand will cover topics including basic first aid, outdoor education and orienteering, cyber health, and digital literacy.

Upper School

  • Grade 9-12

The road to success in life isn’t linear. Managing the ebbs and flows that lead us to success requires tenacity, resiliency, goal setting, and good decision-making habits. The Wellbeing class at NEIA is designed to help Innovators develop their capacity to learn from mistakes and develop skills to manage the unexpected components of life. NEIA will use the Project Wayfinder curriculum to help Innovators along that zig-zag path to success. In this class, Innovators will reflect on who they are, how to engage in their communities, and how to organize their thinking to communicate effectively. Topics include our relationship to digital devices, how to seek the support of other people, and how to navigate conflict. To assist students with healthy choices, Innovators will learn about functional nutrition and the value of nutrition and hydration, movement, and mindfulness. The Life Skills strand of the Wellbeing curriculum incorporates relevant topics and events from our lived experience to empower students with the practical skills needed to navigate real-world situations.