College Advising

Our entire ethos as a community is to prepare students for what’s next. NEIA innovators take a journey of self-discovery to identify their passion, find their purpose, and bring their ideas to impact. The college admissions process is the next step on that journey.


College Connections

  • NEIA values the journey that students take and our team is keen to work with students to explore what's next.
  • Our timeline offers a quick snapshot with what to expect as students progress in their time at NEIA.
  • The team works closely with college and university admissions advisors to create a seamless experience for students.

We are here to help students navigate the experience through a simple process that begins in grade 9. At NEIA, our team works with students and families to ensure we have an open and collaborative approach. With that in mind, we provide an easy-to-follow timeline and various resources to help navigate the process.

Our students understand the value of teamwork, are adept at navigating change, and have real-world experience — precisely the types of skills colleges and universities seek. While the college admissions process can be stressful, we are confident that NEIA students will leave our community feeling self-assured and prepared. We approach this experience as we do all things at school with an open mind, a dash of grit, and a good sense of humor.

College Planning Timeline

  • Grade 9: Explore!
    Discover what is personally meaningful and what is essential in the world. Engage in human-centered design and real-world inclusion. Explore global perspectives and engage in community service.
  • Grade 10: Begin!
    Many colleges and universities offer virtual tours. Grade 10 is a great time to begin thinking about the kind of school you might consider attending — large or small, near home or farther away. Prepare for and take the PSAT in October. This test determines students’ eligibility for National Merit scholarships. Students may want to consider taking certain SAT Subject Tests.
  • Grade 11: Connect!
    Time to work with the college admissions team at NEIA to formally start formalizing a plan to prepare for and take exams (SAT/ACT), plan college visits, identify faculty members to write recommendations, and create a preferred list of colleges and universities.
  • Grade 12: Create!
    Create a college application plan, which may include taking exams (SAT/ACT), consulting with family members, advisors, and others to narrow down your choices, submit applications, learn about, and apply for financial aid.  Continue to work hard through the winter and spring terms. Receive acceptance letters in the spring, make any final visits, and respond with your decision.


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