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Part global school, part incubator. Our dynamic approach fires student interest and launches lives that make a difference.



  • Inquiry. Action. Reflection.
  • Global-mindedness
  • Learning how to learn
NEIA offers an exciting and rigorous academic program designed to inspire students to deeply understand the purpose and relevance of their own education. The school’s international curriculum frameworks align to give students strong academic preparation, critical problem-solving skills, and wide-ranging perspectives on the world and their place in it. We have designed a NEIA future-focused curriculum for Grades 6-10, and are working towards authorization to offer the well-respected International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Grades 11-12.
In modern maker spaces and learning labs, working alongside leading-edge faculty and in hands-on partnerships with local businesses, NEIA challenges students in richly relevant environments. We empower young people to find their passion and potential and to gain the confidence and skills they need for successful futures in academia, in careers, and in a life of continuous, purposeful learning.
NEIA students understand others, collaborate creatively, speak authentically, and do.
Founding a new school during these disrupted, uncertain days may seem risky — even foolhardy. Yet there is no better time or greater need for the kind of education NEIA offers.

NEIA students will develop a deep sense of empathy, respect, and responsibility, as well as the courage to be, in Gandhi’s words, the change they wish to see in the world.”

— Tom Woelper, Head of School SCROLL/DRAG


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